By Jeff Baumgartner  |  Multichannel News  |  April 21, 2014  |

A set-top waiver being sought by a relatively small cable operator is raising a sizable stink at the Federal Communications Commission.

While TiVo claims to be “supportive” of a waiver request from Buckeye CableSystem so long as it’s paired with multiple conditions, the MSO’s pursuit is also facing some outright opposition. Still, Buckeye’s pursuit does have the backing of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association.

Buckeye, an Ohio-based operator with 130,000 video subs, issued its waiver request on March 3, asking the FCC to bless a new QAM/IP hybrid set-top box that uses both integrated security and a downloadable form, claiming that the device would serve as the “linchpin” to an all-IP transition.

The box in question is to be made by Evolution Digital and outfitted with a downloadable security system developed by Azuki Systems, which is now part of Ericsson. As designed, the box would combine a unidirectional QAM-based digital transport adapter (DTA) with an IP video interface. The DTA side would rely on integrated encryption, while the IP portion would use the downloadable system. Because the device would use an integrated form of security, it needs a waiver that would allow it to sidestep the integrated security ban that took effect in July 2007.

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