Our informative white papers, case studies and other resources address challenges facing the pay-TV industry today, and how operators can not only compete, but also outperform other video competition including OTT services and third-party streaming devices.


Plume Total Cost of Ownership Study

Total Cost of Ownership Study

In the ever-evolving smart home environment service providers are faced with many common challenges. The Plume® Consumer Experience Management (CEM) Platform solves these problems with easy to implement and scale smart-home services while minimizing costs and retaining subscribers.

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Why WiFi is the Essential Foundation for Smart Home Success

Why WiFi is the Essential Foundation for Smart Home Success

The wi-fi demands of customers has grown exponentially and will only continue to rise as more connected devices are welcomed into the home. Learn how to deliver a whole-home operating system that delivers fast, secure and optimized wi-fi today and well into the future.

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Building a Successful Smart Home Strategy

Building a Successful Smart Home Strategy

Transform your current business and remain relevant in the future by delivering powerful, reliable and cost-effective smart home services to your customers. With Evolution Digital and the Plume Consumer Experience Management (CEM) Platform you can deliver on your customers needs quickly and seamlessly.

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VOD White Paper

Growing Cable Operators’ Revenue with Video on Demand

Cable operators can capitalize on the increasing popularity of on-demand and appointment viewing by adding Video on Demand services to their video offerings. Best of all, offering IP VOD can bolster video revenue through increased buy rates, dynamic ad insertion and improved subscriber retention.

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App-BAsed TV White Paper

How Cable Operators Can Address the Shift Towards App-Based Television

Traditional pay-TV subscribers are turning to OTT services, vMVPD streaming services, and app-based devises to view their favorite video content. Cable operators can shift towards an app-based television model to keep up with this trend.

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Attract and Retain Cable Subscribers in the New Age of TV Viewing

Attracting and Retaining Cable Subscribers in the New Age of TV Viewing

With the proliferation of virtual MVPD  services of the likes of Sling TV, DirecTV Now, Hulu and Layer 3, cable operators are under siege to innovate by migrating to IP video distribution to enable long-term viability and provide growth opportunities.

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Migrating to IP Video White Paper

Migrating to IP Video: How Cable Can Remain Competitive

Cable operators nationwide are scrambling to keep up with emerging competition from streaming services including OTT applications and virtual MVPDs. With this constant pressure comes the need for transitioning to IP (Internet Protocol) distribution.

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Network DVR White Paper

Network DVR: The Ideal Solution For Time-Shifted Viewing

With the meteoric rise of cable Video on Demand platforms, as well as HD streaming services from OTT providers, like Netflix, many consumers have moved away from linear TV watching and toward time-shifted viewing.

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Understanding the Big Challenges Facing Cable Operators White Paper

Understanding the Big Challenges Facing the Cable Industry

Cable operators have been transitioning between technologies for years, moving from analog to digital channels and, more recently, from network infrastructures built for transmission via QAM to newer ones optimized for the more versatile IP suite.

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Bringing OTT to Cable's Walled Garden White Paper

Bringing OTT into Cable’s Walled Garden

OTT TV services are a serious competitive threat to cable TV’s fundamental value to subscribers. But there is a cost-effective way to entice viewers to stay with cable—by bringing OTT services into the industry’s “walled garden.”

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Moving Video To IP White Paper

Moving Video to IP: The Challenges and the Opportunities

The cable industry has long raked in profits from video offerings traveling across legacy distribution systems. Such offerings leverage reliable, established technologies alongside healthy financial margins.

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WOW! Case Study

WOW!  |  Linear and OTT Video on One Set-Top Box

Cash Hagen, chief technology officer at WOW!, discusses how WOW! uses Evolution Digital’s IP video solutions to cost-effectively combat the rise of OTT services.

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