for Evolution Digital’s HD uDTA and eBOX® IP Hybrid Set-Top Boxes

Evolution Digital is pleased to announce the launch our new eCARE program. eCARE allows cable operators to refurbish and update churned equipment, quickly and cost effectively. The program includes both out-of-warranty HD uDTAs and in-warranty eBOX IP Hybrid set-top boxes.

The eCARE Program can provide technical screening and cosmetic refurbishment of your Evolution Digital products.

  • Damaged devices equal lost revenue and can result in unhappy users
  • Products need to be functional and continue to look good
  • Helps you maintain long-term product profitability

Services available through the eCARE program include:

  • Software updates
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Component repair
  • Cosmetic refurbishment

The eCARE program is easy!

  1. Contact Dave Merino to get the process started and receive your RMA # at
  2. Ship your units to Evolution Digital in Centennial, CO where we will go through our automated testing, proven to provide consistent, repeatable and reliable results.
  3. Units will be repaired, and/or cosmetic parts will be replaced by our highly-trained technicians. Various repair levels are available.
  4. When the repair and refurbishment process is complete, the units will be shipped back to your location which is typically 14 business days of receiving product. Delivery may be longer for requests of more than 500 units.

For a full listing of our repairs services and pricing, please contact: Dave Merino; or 720.266.4187.

Ensure a long, profitable life for your STBs

Refurbish and Update Damaged Equipment, Quickly and Cost Effectively


Maintain Product Function and Cosmetic Quality for All Subscribers

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