FierceCable | February 12, 2018

Having solidly infiltrated the Tier 2 and 3 cable operator markets for its hybrid IP/QAM set-tops, Centennial, Colorado, vendor Evolution Digital is punching up in class.

Evolution announced a deal today with Mediacom, making its hybrid eBox video solution available to the operator’s 1.4 million video customers.

The eBox solutions is based on TiVo operating software and UX. Mediacom will deploy to customers who aren’t taking a DVR.

“We are excited to bring Evolution Digital’s cost-effective ebox to our customers and provide the best content available on an enriched and streamlined platform. We have made the eBOX our primary next-generation non-DVR set-top box for households throughout our systems,” said JR Walden, senior VP and CTO at Mediacom, in a statement.

Evolution has previously struck deals for eBox with WideOpenWest, Wave Broadband, GCI and TDS Telecom, as well as numerous NCTC-member operators.

Evolution’s hybrid IP/QAM set-tops provide small and midsized cable operators with inexpensive HD devices that can deliver both linear and online video, without a DVR or CableCard.

The hardware can be deployed as an HD set-top or a “zapper”-class box. With a change in configurations, eBox can be a client in Evolution’s multiroom DVR, the vendor noted. And as an operator moves to a cloud content strategy, it can be a client on a cloud DVR.

Evolution announced the deal in the run-up to the NCTC Winter Educational Conference in San Antonio this week.

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