Next TV | March 29, 2023

Evolution Digital said it will now integrate OpenSync, an open-sourced framework for Wi-Fi management software, into its Android TV-powered Evo Force 1 set-tops. 

Under the first phase of the integration, OpenSync will make information about customer Wi-Fi networks, including diagnostics and telemetry, transparent to operators via Plume’s Frontline proactive support tools.

Comcast-backed Plume is the Wi-Fi tech company that developed OpenSync, along with Samsung.

Subsequent stages of the OpenSync integration will enable Evo Force 1 gadgets to simultaneously serve as Wi-Fi extenders, while also providing customers with network security and parental controls. 

“That’s exactly what’s on our roadmap — so operators will be able to reduce the amount of CPE in the home by enabling Wi-Fi extender capabilities on the Wi-Fi chipset within the set-top box,” an Evolution Digital spokesperson told Next TV.

“This isn’t available yet today, but these are our plans to expand upon the OpenSync agent on the STB,” the rep added. “Other roadmap functionalities include Plume features such as parental controls in order to block certain streaming apps from being used, for example.”

With the OpenSync Summit unfurling in Taipei, Taiwan, this week, this was the second major global announcement surrounding OpenSync. Earlier on Wednesday, RDK announced that the open-sourced framework will now be baked into its RDK for Broadband standards

“The marriage of Evo Force 1 and future Android TV roadmap devices with the OpenSync framework delivers a truly optimized experience for the end customer, and offers best-in-breed cloud intelligence to CSPs worldwide that are looking to deliver high-quality IPTV video offerings,” said Marc Cohen, chief revenue officer for Evolution Digital, in a statement. 

Added Liem Vo, chief OpenSync officer at Plume: “With in-home 4K UHD multi-streaming putting increased loads on home networks, service providers must turn to intelligent cloud-managed solutions to ensure optimal set-top box connectivity and an impeccable customer experience. By opting for OpenSync and Plume’s SaaS Experience Platform — including whole-home adaptive Wi-Fi — Evolution Digital has taken an important step in providing a future-proofed and highly scalable platform that will fulfill the consumers’ streaming needs into the future.”

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