Advanced Television | June 8, 2021

Evolution Digital has announcesdTDS Telecom, a telecommunications provider serving nearly 1,000 rural, suburban and metropolitan communities across the US, plans to deploy eSTREAM 4K, a leading Android TV set-top in North and South America.  

Evolution Digital’s eSTREAM 4K offers seamless integration between the box, various third-party applications and the voice-enabled remote control with TDS’ managed TiVo application. Evolution Digital’s eDM SaaS cloud-based solution will support TDS’ full-scale deployment by providing exceptional customer service and increased operational efficiency via cloud-based management, monitoring, control, diagnostics and analytics tools. TDS will also take advantage of eDM’s advanced application (APK) software update capabilities, enabling fast, easy and unlimited middleware-specific upgrades that do not require a full Android TV build and recertification.

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