FierceCable | May 17, 2018

FierceVideo and FierceCable hosted The Pay TV Show in Denver this week. The event brought together top executives to discuss the innovative technologies, strategies and business models that companies are using to compete in what has become a very disrupted marketplace. Get a full recap of the event from the archived live blog, below. (All article timestamps below are Mountain Time.)

9:59 AM, May 17

vMVPD market shakeout won’t happen in 2018, analysts say

DENVER—With more than a half-dozen virtual pay TV services offering similar skinny bundles of channels and roughly congruent price points, Fierce Editor-in-Chief Mike Dano asked a panel of video industry analysts which vMVPD will be the first to succumb.

9:04 AM, May 17

WideOpenWest executive shoots straight: ‘5G is something I’m very worried about’

DENVER—Cable executives typically talk around the question when asked about the potential threat of 5G wireless to their broadband businesses. So credit Roger Seiken, WideOpenWest’s senior VP of video programming, for coming right out and saying what pretty much everyone in the cable industry is thinking.

9:00 AM, May 17

Philo CEO weighs in on AT&T’s nonsports skinny bundle plans

DENVER—Philo CEO Andrew McCollum could soon have a direct competitor in Watch, a nonsports streaming skinny bundle AT&T intends to launch. But he doesn’t seem overly concerned.

8:32 AM, May 17

Sling TV chief says OTA antennas are the cure to retransmission blues

DENVER—Warren Schlichting, group president of Sling TV, presented a simple solution to the problem of rising retransmission fees: Don’t pay them and incorporate free OTA signals instead.

8:16 AM, May 17

The evolving battle to stream live content over the internet

DENVER—Over the past dozen or so years, providers ranging from RealNetworks to Netflix have helped push the streaming video market forward significantly, such that today SVOD providers can stream on-demand HD content to millions of users over the public internet without breaking much of a technological sweat. The same, however, is not true about live content.

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