Evolution Digital L.L.C. is a leading provider of integrated IP hybrid devices and IP video solutions for the global cable industry. Evolution Digital takes an aggressive approach to product innovation to embrace the way viewers are consuming video. It has quickly become an innovator in the era of OTT content and multi-stream households. The company’s revolutionary IP video solutions provide operators a seamless, cost-effective and painless way to transition to IP delivery and integrated content delivery across multi-stream devices. We design products, services and solutions that are catered to the operators’ demands and capabilities, acting as a trusted resource in a complex and ever-changing industry. Our innovative products are highly-acclaimed by industry experts and customers nationwide.


MSOs can enhance their HSD offering with a managed IP video experience. eBOX combines QAM-delivered traditional linear TV with IP delivered content, including operator IP VOD services, OTT and TV Everywhere services. All of these features are delivered through one user interface, on one box, on the HDMI 1 TV input, making eBOX an ideal IPTV set top box for your subscribers. eBOX also features TiVo’s world-renowned universal search, enabling easy search and discovery across platforms on a the single interface.

Evolution IP Hybrid STB
Evolution IP Hybrid STB


The eVUE-TV is a fully managed end-to-end IP video solution. This platform is the easiest and most cost-effective way to add IP VOD, IP Linear and Network DVR to your system. eVUE-TV distributes thousands of hours of IP video content including new release movies, transaction and subscription video-on-demand, linear IP channels, mobile and nDVR capability.


Evolution Digital’s new app-based streaming video service, eVUE-NOW!, made for cable and telecommunications operators across the U.S., enables the delivery of a cost-effective skinny package of broadcast basic channels to consumer-owned streaming devices. The service also provides access to free IP Video on Demand content provided by the operator.

Evolution IP Hybrid STB
Evolution IP Hybrid STB


Evolution Digital’s eGUIDE 1.0, powered by TiVo® metadata services, is a seamless upgrade for legacy iGuide customers. This guide offers viewers an easy-to-use user interface that integrates traditional linear cable channels and IP-delivered video, as well as Video on Demand content.


Evolution Digital understands the cable operator’s dilemma of legacy infrastructure and wants to support the operator by providing low-cost digital stb options to complement their existing platform.


Evolution Digital’s line of DVB based Digital STBs have been designed to meet international open standards. The hybrid products combine traditional cable programming with IP delivered content, including cable operator VOD services, internet radio and RSS feeds for news, sports and weather on one brilliant, user-friendly user interface through CubiTV.