eVUE-NOW!Deliver a Skinny Bundle to Popular Streaming Devices

Evolution Digital’s new eVUE-NOW! is an end-to-end IP video service that provides the key components for delivering an all IP video content to cable subscribers.

With eVUE-NOW!, cable operators can offer a pre-packaged skinny bundle of broadcast basic channels, plus free Video on Demand content to the leading consumer-owned streaming devices, including Roku, AppleTV, Android TV plus iOS and Android mobile devices. Now cable operators can easily deliver a competitive video service for broadband-only subscribers and have a tool to recapture cord-cutters at a price that makes sense to the consumer.

eVUE-NOW! includes the ability for consumers to select up to 20 programs to record, pause and playback each week. After seven days, the intelligent cloud-based system automatically replaces the stored program with the next episode of that series or event. This greatly reduces the storage and streaming costs for the operator and provides a competitive TV viewing experience for non-DVR subscribers.

Content delivered through the platform will utilize Evolution Digital’s eGUIDE™ user interface. This provides a familiar way for viewers to scroll through TV channels and manage their choice of programs to record on their own streaming device. The system also supports universal search across all linear and Video on Demand content delivered through eVUE-NOW!




Evolution Digital designed the new service with the operator in mind. End-users can register for the service and authorize credit card billing through an online portal managed by Evolution Digital. This greatly simplifies operational issues for the operator as no customer service representative or installer needs to be involved. Once a customer is registered, they simply connect to the eVUE-NOW! app on iOS, Roku, AppleTV or Google Play and log in to the service.


Operations are further simplified through the eVUE-TV back office. With only one integration point, the eVUE-TV back office provides billing integration, service provisioning, entitlement, monitoring, reporting and DRM functionality. Deploying a new service has never been easier!


Deliver all IP video content to your broadband-only cable subscribers

Deliver streaming content to consumer-owned in-home and mobile devices

Offer a pre-packaged skinny bundle of broadcast basic channels

Recapture cord-cutters with quality content and affordable price


Consumers can select up to 20 programs to record and playback each week

Includes billing integration, service provisioning, entitlement, monitoring, reporting and DRM functionality

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